Shih Tzu Hair Styles

There are many paths one can take when it comes to grooming and styling a Shih Tzu, here are some of the most popular, non-breed-standard, Shih Tzu hair styles.

Puppy Cut

Source: Magic's Pet Salon

The classic style for the busy Shih Tzu owner, the puppy cut is both easy to achieve and maintain. Characterized by a trim of the dog's hair to a length of one to two inches. Its simplicity makes it very attractive for many dog owners.

For maintenance, this cut does not require more than regular trimming and brushing and can be highly practical and adaptable to different occasions.

Teddy Bear Cut

In the same way as the puppy cut, a teddy bear cut keeps a fur length of about one to two inches for the body.

Some would argue that there is no visible difference between a teddy bear cut and a puppy cut, however, the legs are usually left a bit longer, or roughly the same length as the body with the teddy bear cut. The head may also be fuller and more rounded off.

Practical Top Knot

Source: The Dogist via Twitter

For a practical top knot the dog's hair is left a bit longer, usually up to a length which you or your groomer decide on, and the hair on the head is tied with a ribbon or fixed with a clip. 

In contrast with the styles described above, this one requires a bit more maintenance. You'll need to regularly brush and comb the fur as well as tidy the accessories as they get loose. Some groomers might decide to braid the hair as an additional touch.

Top Knot Show Cut

Source: Svenska Mässan via Flickr

This variation of the top knot is done primarily for show dogs because as it's particularly time-consuming and requires regular maintenance. 

You'll have to brush the coat several times per day for it to stay shiny and prevent mats from developing. The coat is kept at natural length all over the body.

Lion Cut

Source: Pixabay

The Lion Cut, also referred to as "Stuffed Cut", seeks to recreate those cute and adorable features associated with lion cubs by leaving most of the facial hair untouched (of course trimming the parts that might block the dog's vision or breathing through the nose) in addition to shaving the tail, legs and body accordingly.

The tail is usually shaved while leaving some hair at the end in a tuft-like style with fur on the legs trimmed to one inch in length.

Asian Fusion Cut

Source: Paw Hub Pet Grooming via Facebook

In a Japanese or Asian fusion cut, a Shih Tzu's hair is left long around the ears or brushed and tied in bows. The fur on the body is trimmed short and the hair on the legs is kept long and brushed, creating a fluffy appearance.